The Little Royal B.

This fly is called Little Royal B. The patterns came out thinking about the Royal Stimulator and the big Bomber used for Steelhead fishing on the dry fly. Some change on the Bomber classic patterns make of this fly a good hunter for trout fishing. You can use it also as a terrestrial and it works well fishing big currents or skating it on flat waters.

Process of the construction:

  • step 1: tie your thread at 3/4 of the hook and goes until the bend
  • step 2: put the tails and goes with the thread near to the hook eye and put there the antennas
  • step 3: go back to the bend of the hook and put there 10/12 peacok herls, 1 feather of grizzly cock neck
  • step 4: start to make the body near to the hook bend using 2/3 peacok herls, then with red floss thread make the middle part of the body and then again peacok herls.
  • step 5: cock neck herl all over the body (palmer style)
  • step 6: bring the peacok herls from the hook bend until the hook eye
  • step 7: final closing knot











– hook : 10/12 standard dry fly hook
– tails and antennas: deer hairs
– body: peacok herls and red thread


This pattern has been published on the German Magazine Fliegenfischen (2012, April Issue)

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