Sangro River

The Sangro is a river in eastern central Italy, known in ancient times as Sagrus from the Greek Sagros or Isagros, Ισαγρος.

It rises in the Abruzzo National Park in the Appennins, before flowing northeast through Castel di Sangro, before flowing into the Bomba Lake. From there it flows northeast and joins the Aventino River, and thence into the Adriatic Sea.

This river has an important place in the Italina Fly Fishing History. Here were founded the Italian Fly Fishing School and there is also the Fly Fishing Museum located in the Castel di Sangro Municipality. The Sangro seems to be a river thought for fly fishing. It offers a Catch & Release are (2 km stretch managed by the Anglers Association in Castel di Sangro) and in the upper and lower part of the river (out of the C&R)  it saved its wild nature.

It’s very well populated by Brown trouts and Raimbow that can reach very good sizes (from 15 to 30 inches).

It’s fishable with great results using both dry flies and nymphs (streamers).

The Castel di Sangro Municipality where the Catch & Release area is located, is reachable from Rome throught the Highway A25 (Rome- Pescara) getting out to the exit called Sulmona. From here following the directions (Roccaraso, Castel di Sangro, Naples).

Best periods of the year April to July and September.

Suggested flies: big hunters made with deer hairs, small emergers and classic spinners.


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