Using and caring of Bamboo Ferrules

As we said several times, bamboo ferrules perform greatly in term of action and they are also very strong. In this brief article are some tips for a correct use of them in term of using on the river and maintaining at home.

Some rules that will assure you that your bamboo ferrules will give you a faithful service for a long time.

So let’s see some basic rule about the bamboo ferrules using and caring:

  • As soon as you get your brand new bamboo ferruled rod, first thing you can’t wait to do is to give a cast to the rod. That’s the good time to introduce yourself to your new toy, but it’s also the time your bamboo ferrules introduce them to you. Be gentle then! Put your male inside the female carefully and as soon as you feel a bit of resi stance, just give a little shake to your rod in order to understand if they have been fit perfectly one inside the each other. Normally you shouldn’t feel any strange sound like a “tic” and also you should feel the two piece working togheter without any interruption. If it’s not like this, try alias gently, to push a little bit more the male inside the female…just put a little more Energy then you did before. Do this until you get to the final perfect fitting and remember to do not twist the two pieces while you are joining them.


  • Once you have been using the bamboo ferrules for a while, you’ll be quite confident on fitting them and in the meantime your bamboo ferrules will be well adapted one each other. Don’t forget bamboo is a living material and it needs sometime to get well seated. As for the metal ferrules temperaures can have temporarely impacts on the ferrules. Normaly high temps means a little increasing of the wood’s volume (same for the metal) and the cold temps causes a decrease of the volume. But we are always talking about very very small volume variations.
  • Bring always with you a wax candle. This is a very important item. Tretating your bamboo ferrules before fishing it means a bunch of advantages. First of all the give a good protection against the humidity (especially the male part is very sensitive about humidity), so get sure to treat your male part but also the female. Sometimes during some very hot days the wax will help you also to get a better fitting between the male and the female; when the bamboo ferrules are new, don’t treat them with wax, wait some fishing in order to get them well seated and then you can start to use wax treating




  • As we have underlined before, it’s never a good idea to spin the two pieces of the ferrules in both the cases: when you want join them and when you want separate them. Bamboo ferrules as the metal ones do, can remain stuck. Also in this case you have never spind them while your polling them. Do that always trying to pull staying straight imaginary line. While you are doing it the rod don’t have to make bends or twists.


  •  Once you are at home left the rod out of its tube and keep it on a well aired and not humid ambient. It’s a good idea if you won’t use the rod for long time, to leave some wax on the male and inside the female part; in this way you’ll prevent that any humidity will get inside them.

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